Here at BSW Limo, Inc., we work with over 15 wedding coordinators throughout the Bay Area. We care about the fine details of your unique transportation needs and want to ensure your experience is forever memorable.

Here are some of our most common requests in planning the wedding transportation itinerary.

  • Transportation (to/from reception) for up to 800 guests

  • Transportation specialist to coordinate on site

  • Wedding party transports

  • Wedding guest transports

  • Luxury/Vintage transportation options for the bride/groom

  • Get-away ride for the bride & groom

  • Strategic shuttling between the wedding venue/reception and hotel(s) for the wedding party and/or guests

  • Discounted airport transport for family members

We also have great relationship with venders who handle every other aspect of putting together an incredible wedding, so if you need help finding a wedding coordinator, photographer, etc., we would gladly advise you with some of our recommendations.

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